06 November 2012

Ted Baker | The Lookbook of Love

Please note before reading: this exact Lookbook is no longer available on the Boots website; there is a newer set available containing different colour combinations (but which is otherwise identical to the one I have reviewed).
This review is therefore more for the quality of the contents - please see end of post for further details.

So a few months back, my mum received the Ted Baker Look Book of Love as a gift from one of her friends. Not being a huge makeup fan, she gave it to me to have a bit of a play about with.

The set is beautifully presented in a sturdy almost geometric-patterned box and secured with a pretty stretch band. It includes three seperate lookbooks; Day, Night and Party.

Each book contains two eyeshadows, two lipglosses, a blusher or bronzer, three application brushes (which as far as freebie application brushes go aren't actually that drastic) and a handy little mirror.

L-R: both eyeshadows, both lipglosses and the blusher
The daytime Lookbook is by far my favourite of the three. The colours are really natural and the eyeshadows are so easy to blend, each colour compliments the other beautifully.

L-R: both eyeshadows, both lipglosses and the bronzer

Now with both the Night and the Party book I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of the eyeshadow colour combinations. The differences in colour between the eyeshadows are so small (i.e. both eyeshadows are so dark) that it just looks like one block colour when blended on the eyelids, making my eyes look really closed off.
I will definitely be using these eyeshadows seperately and with lighter shades.

L-R: both eyeshadows, both lipglosses and the bronzer
The eyeshadows and blushers aren't as pigmented as you may expect and do need building up, however once applied they will last throughout the day or night.
The lipglosses however do have great pigmentation without being at all sticky or heavy on the lips. I particularly love the party lip shades: hot pink shade and transparent gloss with pink speckles of glitter.
Overall this would make a lovely little Christmas or birthday gift which I would perhaps buy for a younger sister or friend. Once swatched and used, something about this set makes me think that it is well suited to younger teenagers although I can't quite put my finger on what!
I can only find this exact Lookbook on eBay's private listings here , however
Boots are now selling a newer set, Ted Baker: Ready For My Close Up Look-Book
which appears to have much better colour combinations than The LookBook of Love.
This retails for £16
Thanks for reading,
Jo xx


  1. I didn't even know these existed, they look really exciting! :) I love your blog, new follower here!


    1. It is a very cute box and great gift! Thank you so much! :) xo


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