28 April 2014

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer | Celestial, Aurora* and Big Bang

I have had the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers in Celestial and Big Bang since having a little spend in the ASOS 30% off Rimmel sale a few months back. Recently, The Hut** very kindly sent me the shade Aurora* to give a whirl and add to my collection, so I thought it was about time for a good ol' review!

L-R: Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquer in Celestial, Aurora* and Big Bang
Aesthetics are usually what draws me towards a product and I love the packaging of the Apocalips. From the little diamond shaped tube tips to the way the shade of the lacquer fades into the black packaging, it all looks pretty damned attractive to me. The applicators themselves are doe foot applicators but with a kind of well in the middle to hold more of the lacquer, which I can't say I've noticed being used on any other lip product! It works really well for application as it holds a nice amount of product, avoiding repetitive dipping. I found that the pointed shape also made creating a nice, neat finish incredibly easier.

The lip lacquers have a much thicker, creamier consistency and incredibly higher pigmentation than a regular lip gloss, but they are not at all sticky. The glossy shine is equally as impressive and the product didn't dry out my lips in the slightest. For me, on the whole the formula is pretty much perfect.

L-R: Celestial, Aurora* and Big Bang
Celestial is the lightest shade of the three; a perfect subtle baby pink colour. Aurora* is a brighter, more coral pink colour. This is the first coral toned lip product I own as I wasn't convinced I would suit it, but it's such a subtle coral that I think few people would struggle with. Last but certainly not least, we have Big Bang; a bright, look-at-me red which is certainly not for the faint hearted. I freakin' love it! My new absolute favourite lip product; the lip swatch really does not do this beauty the justice it deserves.

I did find that as Big Bang is so pigmented, it is better worn with lip liner and blotched with a tissue for a more flawless finish. The first time I wore it without blotching, I was having constant battles with the whole lipstick/teeth appearance...oh how attractive I must have looked. 

Other than that, I have no quips at all with these beauties. The lasting power is pretty damn good to be quite honest; even food and drink has a pretty tough time shifting it, and it doesn't fade unevenly at all. The only complaint I have is that I only own three shades...

The Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers are available here from The Hut for £5.99.
They are also avalailable from £5.99 at Superdrug here, or £6.49 from Boots here.

**I really would recommend taking a peek at The Hut, not only for their range of beauty products (some of which are even cheaper than in Boots) but they also have some gorgeous clothes, and sell all sorts of other bits and bats! 
I have been having a good gander myself and I feel a wishlist coming on... 

Which is your favourite shade of the Rimmel Apocalips?

Jo xxx

23 March 2014

Designer Wishlist

Now admittedly, I am not usually particularly interested in owning anything designer. I prefer to buy loads of cheaper items for the same buck than just one item that I might not necessarily get my moneys worth out of.

Having said that, recently I really don't know what's come over me. Whether it be the influence of the blogosphere or far too much window shopping, I have been seriously lusting after a bunch of designer beauties, so I thought I'd put together a cheeky wishlist so I can drool over them all in one place. Well, most of them anyway. My lust list is pretty much double the length of my arm, so here is just a select few...

This is the item that I am undoubtedly at the most risk of investing in. I have been drooling over the white range of Michael Kors handbags and purses for what seems like forever, so unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on which way you look at it), I think this purse may well be mine in the near future. Ooo, my first ever designer item! Fancy.

I have seen this eyeshadow palette crop up on a number of blogs and my God are these shades beautiful. I have never tried anything by Charlotte Tilbury but, as stunning as this is, I really cannot bring myself to spend just short of £40 on an eyeshadow quad. 

£295 for a damned umbrella which (if you live in the UK anyway) will probably get blown away on its first use! But boy would I buy this if I had the money... Last summer I was a little bit obsessed with pastel shades and I'm feeling like this summer will be no different.

Do I need these? No. Doesn't mean I can't admire them though, right? I was torn between these and the same ones in Pillar Box Red and I'm still not decided which are my favourite, so I guess it's a good job I'm not buying them! 

Admittedly I've been drooling over more or less everything on the Burberry website, they have some divine pieces in at the minute. I don't even have a damned iPhone 5, but if I had the money I'd just buy one of these and try my damned best to squish my 4s into it. It's very plain but I think that's a running theme for this wishlist; it's just the beauty of designer items I guess!

This underwear set is beyond sexy, I don't think I even need to explain myself for picking these out. For some reason I seem to struggle to wear matching underwear every day (lazy girl problems), but I'm starting to make a conscious effort to do so. So I'd obviously have to purchase both of these if I had the money. Even if £110 for a pair of knickers is pretty damn extortionate.

'More Michael Kors?!' I hear you cry...well yes, more, and don't moan because I know you want this bag too! The classic Michael Kors tote...I again was lusting after this in white (it's stunning in white) until I realised what a ridiculous idea it would be for me to buy a designer white handbag. I think it would last approximately 3 weeks before I dropped it into a muddy puddle or scraped it against a brick wall or twelve. Not like I'm ever going to own one anyway, but a girl can dream, eh?

I really must win the lottery. 

Jo xxx

20 February 2014

ModCloth | Uniquely You Prom Outfit Challenge

Last week I was contacted by the lovely Amy at Modcloth and challenged to take part in a little blogger competition to create a prom-themed look based around their Classic Stunner Dress. Not one to shy away from a bit of a challenge, I thought it'd be fun to give it a whirl!

Now I'm not sure about anyone else's experiences but for me, picking a prom outfit was like pulling teeth. After hunting high and low for about a month in total, I ended up panic-buying an average dress about a week before prom. 
Word of advice if you're thinking of leaving it late? Please don't. Especially if you know you're a fussy git like me. 
I can promise you, you will regret it. 

So voila, this is the dress I was challenged to style! One of the things I regret the most about my prom dress was the fact that I chose one that was so prommy (yes, I've decided that's a word) that I would never be able to wear it again. This makes me like the classic style of this dress even more; it is simple and timeless, so you can definitely wear this again and again once prom has been and gone. I love the volume in the skirt too; I can imagine it being flattering on more or less all body shapes.

The dress is very pretty, so teaming it with this clutch bag just gives it that little hint of a sultry edge. I absolutely adore the on-trend transparency and sexy lace pattern of this bag!

3. Cinquain Necklace | $15.99
I chose this just to break up the block beige of the dress, whilst sticking to the colour theme with the gold coloured trim of the necklace.

4. Nine to Jive Jacket | $77.99
Okay, now to give the outfit a bit more of an edge. Leather jackets are the perfect accompaniment for more or less any outfit, they are ridiculously versatile! This one is no different, and I absolutely adore the detail along the hem.

5. Shoe of Hearts Heel | $74.99
Now for a bit of colour! These heels are absolutely adorable, and add that perfect little eye-catching piece to an otherwise relatively understated look. 
Remember that it's your prom, not your wedding day, so don't forget to add a little fun to your outfit!

The whole outfit has a very vintage vibe so sticking with that, I'm definitely thinking a nice bold red lip will bring the look together perfectly...

...add some winged liquid eyeliner and you're laughing!

If you live in the UK, you'll understand that this is final outfit addition isn't as ridiculous as it might initially look. What good is it getting all glammed up to step one foot outside and end up looking like you swam to prom? Exactly. Take one for goodness sake!

If you're be hunting for a prom dress this year, I wish you the best of luck and like I say, please start looking now! Why not check out the rest of Modcloth's dresses here. They have a nice selection to give you a few ideas!

Jo xxx

06 February 2014

Bargain Steals Haul!

Steals is one of those shops that is completely hit or miss. You either go in and wade through a load of tosh, or you go in and buy half the store. I wouldn't say I quite bought half the shop, but luckily for me yesterday there was a hell of a lot of goodies in there.

If you don't already know what Steals (or Next2Nowt, as it's know online) is, I did give a brief lowdown in my previous Steals haul here if you're interested.

Anyhow, onto the goodies!

Dress (originally Topshop), £13 |  Playsuit, £15  |  Leather jacket (originally Topshop), £25

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past 6 months, you will more than likely recognise the red dress as a Topshop one, except I got mine for a mere £13 (cue smug grin!). The colour isn't represented well in the photo at all; it is actually a bright red colour rather than orange.

I'm not sure where the playsuit is from originally, but it's perfectly tailored, flattering and too versatile to leave behind. I bought the leather jacket to replace my cheap Primark faux leather jacket (which you can have a nosy at in this outfit post)...couldn't go wrong for 25 quid!

Skirt, £6  |  Beaded cami, £10  |  Corduroy shirt, £6

This floral skirt is so cute and flattering. The boyfriend and I are thinking of having a sunny getaway together in March so I thought I'd better invest in some summer clothes (any excuse). The beaded camisole top was simply too cute to leave behind. Usually, the beaded tops in Steals are falling apart at the seams with about three embellishments left, however I got lucky with this one as it looks in pretty perfect nick to me!

The floral corduroy shirt isn't something I'd usually go for, however when I tried it on it was slightly oversized and I liked the laid back look of it. I thought it'd look cute over summer dresses or with a cute cami top and jeans, and for £6 I couldn't really say no!

Boots (originally Miss Selfridge), £6

I've been looking for some more winter boots and again, I love the laid-back vibe of these ones. The fluffy fleece lining is a massive bonus for my permanently-ice-cold toes!

What have you guys been buying recently?
Link me to your hauls if you like, I'd love to have a nosy!!

Jo xxx

01 December 2013

Christmas Wish List 2013

It honestly just gets harder and harder every time I sit down to write a Christmas wish list. Anyway, these are the things I'm lusting after this year! Clothes wise, I'd rather just have vouchers and pick things out for myself, so it's a bit of a boring list to be honest, but a list all the same.

1. Coated jeggings | River Island
I spotted Jess from Copper Garden sporting a similar pair of jeans about a week ago, and have been lusting after some since then. Just jeans, yes, but with a bit of added interest.

2. Dirty Works Banish the Bags Eye Cream | Sainsburys
Starting dodgy shifts at my new job has played absolute havoc with my poor dark circles. I've read mixed reviews about this eye cream, but with such a tiny price tag I am more than willing to give it a whirl.

3. Dior Nail Glow | Selfridges
Okay, so this is a pricey one at £18 a pop, but again, my poor hands are really starting to suffer from all the hand washing at work. This stuff just looks amazing; like a french manicure in a bottle. I'm dying to give it a try! 

4. Faux fur headband | eBay
When walking the dog in the cold weather, my ears get so cold they give me headache! This headband is cute and practical. Yes please!

5. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
This won't be released until mid December, but it is so freakin' beautiful. Enough said.

6. Dollar Vintage Wellies | Topshop
Yes, you probably think these are extremely garish but I think they're cute, okay?

7. Sleek Face Contour Kit in Medium | Superdrug
I am yet to try any products from Sleek so I think it's about time I did. My chubby cheeks need all the contouring they can get.

8. Real Techniques Blush Brush | Boots
Since receiving the Starter Set for my birthday, I am head-over-heels with Real Techniques. This blush brush has been on my wishlist for long enough.

9. Oversize chunky knit jumper | eBay
I have been in serious need of a plain jumper just to throw over my dresses for day-to-day wear. All my jumpers are patterned and clash with my dresses (not in a good way either...in a really, really bad way), so I really need this addition to my wardrobe!

What's on your Christmas wishlist? I'd love to know! 

Jo xx

30 November 2013

Poundland | Revlon Nail Varnish in Bewitching

Whenever I'm in town, I always try to make time to have a quick peek at the beauty products in Poundland. Admittedly, it is completely hit and miss, but it's beauties like this Revlon nail varnish that motivate me to keep having a look. 

Revlon | 620 Bewitching

I picked up a Revlon nail varnish in the most beautiful deep pinky-red berry colour, Bewitching. The picture doesn't do it justice; it is a little deeper and more striking in real life, and is my current favourite nail varnish. I couldn't have found a more perfect Autumn/Winter shade!  

What's your current go-to nail varnish shade?

Jo xx

19 November 2013

Durham Lumiere Festival of Light

On Sunday, my parents and I decided to visit my sister and while we were in the area, we thought we'd take a trip to the annual Durham Lumiere Festival of Light

Luckily it wasn't as cold as it has been these past couple of days (anyone else wake up to pure solid ice on their windscreen this morning? Phwoar it's sure getting cold), and there was only a sprinkling of rain so it wasn't too unbearable being out in the cold for so long. 

The main show area opened up at around 7.30pm and I have to say the organisation of the event was fantastic. We followed hundreds of people on the path round and up to the Cathedral with minimal waiting, where we were met by some gorgeous lights being projected onto the beautiful cathedral. 

Apologies for the rubbish-y images; my camera doesn't seem to like the dark
We then continued through the Cathedral to the smaller but equally as pretty attractions, my personal favourite being a phone box filled with tropical fish, which sadly I couldn't seem to get a good photo of. Stupid camera.
We also grabbed hot chocolate and a homemade cookie each from a cute little stall along the way for just £1 (which was yummy!) to warm up a bit before continuing to a couple more sights further on. 

Dresses made of tiny lights

As we were all working the next day and had a beastly drive home that night, we left at around 8:30pm having seen less than half of the lights on show, which was a huge shame. But it really was worth the journey; there was a lovely atmosphere and we all really enjoyed spending time together as a family.

Who would have thought plastic bags would make such a pretty Christmas tree?!

Unfortunately, Sunday was the last day of this years show so if you do want to take a peek, you will have to wait another year for the next show! It is completely free so a great little event if you're struggling to occupy the kids or just want to fill an evening. 

I just wish I could have told you about it sooner! 

Jo xx

15 November 2013

Offer | Amazing Discounts and Free Delivery at The Body Shop!

I thought I might share this amazing offer that popped into my inbox this morning...because I'm just so nice like that.

The Body Shop are offering some fab discounts this weekend so now is definitely the time to be doing your Christmas shopping. The offers are;  

£5 off when you spend £15
£10 off when you spend £25
£25 off when you spend £50

plus free delivery on all orders over £30!

Just use the code 'SPICE' at the checkout!

Shop away ladies! 

Jo xx

14 November 2013

eBay | Scottish Tartan Scarf

During the winter, I have always admired the tartan trend but this year it seems to have made a full-force comeback and I am loving it!

A good few months back I spotted that red tartan scarf in Primark and stupidly didn't pick it up. After heading back to my local store for it and to my horror finding it wasn't there, I turned to eBay in search of an alternative. That's when I stumbled across this little beauty. 

Tartan scarf | £9.99 + £2.50 p&p | here

The scarf is made by a Scottish brand called Berrydale. It's the perfect shade of red; not too bright, not too deep, and is 100% lambswool, so it's pretty cosy and is good quality. Admittedly I did expect it to be a little little wider, but it's nice and long and all in all it's pretty much perfect. I love it!

How have you been working the tartan trend so far this year? 

Jo xx

13 November 2013

Guess Who's Back...Back Again

Oh my word have I misbehaved this past month or so.

Since starting my new job as a Radiographer (oo, how grown up and sophisticated am I?), life has been pretty much non-stop! Trying to adjust from having more time on my hands than I could imagine to barely having time to brush my teeth has been strange, but now that I have begun to settle into work properly I feel like I can (hopefully) get back onto the blogging bandwagon. Granted, my posts won't be as frequent as they used to be, and I will have to somehow fit blogging around my shifts but all I can do is my best, eh?

I'm on late shifts this week anyway so hopefully I can schedule some posts during the day for the next couple of weeks. 

Anyway, how are you all doing? I've missed you! Give me updates!

I haven't been doing much exciting outside of work to be honest. My sister visited home from Newcastle a couple of weekends ago and we went bowling with her boyfriend and my dad for the first time in so many years. I lost (expected), but we had such a laugh and had some fun on the arcade games after.

We also had a bonfire gathering at our house with a few family friends, food, fireworks and lots of alcohol which was lovely. It's a nice yearly tradition that we have which will hopefully be continuing for many years to come.


Did you have a nice Halloween/Bonfire night? 

I also started my Christmas shopping on Monday (sorry to those who are still not allowing any mention of the 'C' word, but I am far too excited this year!). My best friends and I are doing a Secret Santa this year so I already have that one in the bag. For once I have actually managed to be organised. *fistpump*

For some reason I've found this post really hard to write up! I think I just need to get back into the swing of things and hopefully things will start to spill out onto the page again soon enough.

Anyways, I've probably really bored you here but I will get some posts scheduled and hopefully get back to normal(ish). Hope you'll forgive me for my absence just this once! 

Lots of love, 
Jo xx