02 November 2012

Kiko | Apple Blossom

So a few weeks ago whilst on placement I had the exciting pleasure of experiencing my first ever bout of 16 hour (yes, 16 hour) night shifts at the hospital. I have to say it was nowhere near as agonising as I expected it to be; the night flew by and after downing a couple of energy drinks before setting off on my hours drive home, I managed (just about) to stay awake until I was safely tucked up in bed.
Anyway, somewhere in the middle of the week whilst drowsily flicking through my emails, I was absolutely delighted to find that I was one of the winners of a giveaway hosted by the beautiful Mollie over at Mollie Muses. It was definitely the highlight of my week!
My prize was a Kiko nail varnish*, a brand that I had never really heard of before and so I was pretty excited to try it out! The shade I was lucky enough to win was Apple Blossom, a light pink colour.

The parcel came beautifully packaged in a gorgeous Paperchase gift box (which now holds my most used bracelets) and mounds of cute orange tissue paper!

It didn't take long until it was on my finger nails and I have to say...I love this pink. It's such a happy, summery shade, that I would describe as a lovely slightly-darker-than-pastel pink.
It's such a cheery colour!
Thanks again Mollie for my lovely prize!
You can buy Kiko Apple Blossom here for just £3.90
Have you tried any Kiko products before?
What colours would you recommend?
Thanks for reading,
Jo xx


  1. It's a gorgeous colour :) congrats on your win x

  2. I'm so glad you like it! And the fact you found a use for the box makes me happy, my bedroom is completely cluttered with giftboxes holding bits and bobs :D

    Love, Mollie xo

    1. I love it! Haha my room is exactly the same, full of jolly junk! :)xo


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