25 November 2012

Avon True Colour 6 in 1 Eye Pallette | Glamour Eyes

I'm not sure if it's just me, but Avon is a brand that confuses me a little.
It's so hugely famous yet I never seem to hear much about them at all, if that makes any sense?
Let's take the blogging world for example.
Maybe I'm just not following enough blogs (I'll take that as a good enough excuse to follow even more), or maybe I'm just plain stupid and have completely overlooked/ignored all of their Avon reviews (definitely the more likely option), but I've barely heard a peep about Avon in the year or so I have been reading beauty blogs.
However, after trying out this eye pallette, it baffles me a little as to why this is!
First off, the packaging is nice and sturdy (you can see from the picture above it has survived a bit of battering already!) with a really generously sized mirror.
I must admit, when I first opened it up I found the shades a little uninspiring.
I'm not sure why this is, because they actually come across really nicely in the picture, I think it's just that I don't usually wear purple shades on my eyes so I wasn't really sure how/when I was going to use them.
(If you're asking yourself why I got it, it was given to me by my Auntie amongst a selection of other goodies as seen in my previous haul post here).
However, once I had done a few swatches and had a bit of a play about with the colours I was actually really pleasantly surprised. Each shade has great pigmentation and a really lovely subtle shimmer, particularly the lighter colours which I think are my favourite.
The darker shades are a great tool for smoky eyes as they are really easy to blend out. Each colour compliments the other beautifully and they all have really great lasting power without creasing, the only downside being a little bit of fall out during application.
Overall I was really pleasantly surprised by this little pallette...I kind of feel a bit bad for ignoring all of Avon's products for so long!
The Avon True Colour 6 in 1 eye pallette can be purchased here for £7 reduced from £11
Have you tried many Avon products?
Thanks for reading,
Jo xx


  1. hi! new follower, spotted you on punky pugs and had a little peek at your blog, love this post especially! my favourite foundation is from avon, and i love getting the catalogue through the door but i agree, i dont think i have once seen a blogger mention avon! hopefully you have started a revolution hehe. xx


    1. Aw thank you! :) I must start getting the catalogue, yeah you never know I might start off a new craze ;) haha! xx

  2. I agree with the comment about not a lot of people blogging about Avon. I always look at the magazines in work and I bought a mascara last month that was just okay. I've used a few lip glosses but didn't like them really.

    I've seen a few blog posts on one of the quads and it looks amazing, it's got a beautiful cranberry shade but I can't find it online so I don't know the name, frustrating!


    1. Ah maybe it's just the eyeshadows that are good then! It's so annoying when that happens! xx

  3. Hi :) I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Awards, you can see the post here:

    sorry if you have already done it!

    Love Becky xx

    1. Aw thank you so much! :) I have already done it but it's still lovely to receive another so thank you :) xx

  4. I definitely agree with you about Avon products but their Glimmerstick eye pencil is amazing, my holy grail eye liner.
    I love your blog, would you like to check out mine please?

    1. I've heard a bit about the Glimmerstick eyeliners actually! Aw thank you so much, yeah I'll have a nosy :) xx

  5. I am always surprised that their products too, I love their foundations.


    1. I'd never think to try their foundations, but maybe I should! xx

  6. beautiful eye make-up!
    Like the background of you blog!! love it so much!

    Would you like to follow each other? So come and have a look at my blog.


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