13 November 2012

Competition Wins to Date

 Recently (i.e. since about the start of this year) I have become partial to entering a few competitions online in the hope that I might win some goodies.
When I first started doing it, the enthusiasm didn't last long at all. I was wasting my time entering all these competitions and had absolutely nothing to show for it, so my competition entry numbers dwindled down until...

Bare Minerals Golden & Gorgeous set | won on Facebook | RRP £32

...I got my first ever win, and a bloomin' good one it was. A Bare Minerals makeup set!
Once I knew it actually worked and the competitions were real, I started entering a few more again.
I know for a year of entries I don't really have much to show for it, but to be truthful my enthusiasm has been up and down like a yo-yo, and with life and such getting in the way I really don't have the time to sit at my laptop and do it every day.
Anyway, I am so delighted with the bits I have won over the year that I thought I might show you all in one post.
(Apologies for the initially appaling photos, my old camera wasn't great...)

Laura Ashley scarf | won on Twitter | RRP £10

LoveFilm gift card | won on RottenOtter's blog | RRP £29

Vax laminate floor cleaner (exciting stuff!) | won on Twitter | RRP £4.99

Zara voucher | won on Twitter | RRP £25

2 Vitality Boutique tickets | won on Twitter | RRP £16

Sheridan bath mat | won on Twitter | RRP £26

Kiko nail varnish | won on Mollie Muses blog | RRP £3.90 (review here)

So there we have it! My competition wins to date.
I love winning stuff that you wouldn't normally treat yourself to!
Have you ever won any competitions?
What is your favourite competition win?
If you've done a post showing your competition wins please pop a link in the comments below, I'd love to have a nosy!
Thanks for reading,
Jo xx


  1. It's nice to find I'm not the only one partial to entering lots of competitions :P I won an amazing maxi skirt from Rare London a couple of weeks ago that I got to choose as well as various other bits and bobs, both very lucky eh?! :) x

    1. Ooo wow do you have a post on your wins? I love having a good old nosy at stuff like that! Yeah it sounds like we've both been pretty lucky recently! :) xo

  2. that's amazing- especially the zara voucher! and i won a £50 voucher for sass and belle recently- i'm rubbish with competitions! haha xx

    1. Ooo what a fab prize!! Have you spent it yet? xo

  3. I never win anything! So jealous!

    1. Keep trying and you will eventually! :) xo

  4. You're so lucky for winning all this stuff! x

    1. Not done too badly really have I! :) xo


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