22 November 2012

Firmoo Glasses

So a couple of weeks ago whilst flicking through my emails I came across one from a company called Firmoo explaining that they were looking for some bloggers to review some of their glasses*.
Firmoo pride themselves in providing the highest quality glasses at extremely low prices, and offer a wide range of prescription and non prescription glasses and sunglasses (including designer!).

Having been hunting on and off in Primark for the perfect pair of non-prescription glasses (I've been wishing I needed glasses for so long now, but you can guarantee that when I actually do need them I'll be wanting to throw them off a bridge!), I thought this was a good opportunity to finally find a nice pair.

And here they are!
The pair I chose were model number #SD2243 which can be found on the website here.
They arrived from China super quickly (i.e. in a week) but I must admit that when I first put them on they were a bit of a shock, simply because the frames are so thick and I'm not used to having anything like that on my face. It felt plain weird!

But after a short amount of time they really grew on me; and now I love them!
They actually make me feel intelligent (I'm wearing them to write this blog post just to make me feel clever, sad I know), and my mum said I actually look like I have brains. Thanks mum.
You can tell that they are really good quality glasses; the plastic is really tough and sturdy (not those flimsy little things you can break by dropping), and they came really safely packaged along with a cleaning rag, glasses pouch, very sturdy glasses case and even spare screws and a teeny tiny screwdriver in case you do have any mishaps! 

The best bit?
Firmoo are offering new customers worldwide their first pair of glasses absolutely free! All you have to pay is postage! Plus you can return them if you're not happy!
I really am delighted with the communication, customer service and product I received from Firmoo.
They have a great team behind them who are more than willing to help you with any little query you may have.
So what do you think of these glasses?
Will you be ordering yourself a pair using the first pair free offer?
I really could not fault my experience with Firmoo, many thanks to them for giving me the opportunity to try out their product.
Thanks for reading,
Jo xx
P.S. Yes, I was sent these glasses for review purposes but all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Those frames are lovely darling, and they really compliment your eyes!

    Eda ♥

    Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture


  2. these really suit you! i will look at them next time i need a new pair! :D


    1. Definitely do, especially if you can get a pair free! :) xx

  3. Ooooh these are lovely! I would have definitely got these sort of frames if they weren't like my old glasses. Love being able to try new things! Mine make me feel clever too haha. xx

    1. They are a classic style I've seen so many people wear the same kind of frame! Thanks for taking a peek :) xx

  4. these are such lovely glasses! I also did a firmoo review on my blog xo



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