16 December 2012

Guest Post | Christmas Stocking Fillers Under a Fiver!

My next guest post is a festive gift guide from the lovely Georgia from Georgiabeee!
Hello all of Jo's lovely readers!
I'm Georgia from Georgiabeee and I'll be posting about my Christmas stocking filler ideas!
It's getting to that time where the shops are full of panicky people running around trying to find anything they can to wrap up and give people! I went to Westfield the other day at 7 in the evening because I thought it would have calmed down by then and it was still mad! So if you prefer staying away from the crowds and online shopping, you can find the links to all these bits below :)

It's SO cold in England at the moment (-4 the other day!) so anything snuggly and warm will go down a treat for christmas!

I love silly little presents like this, whoever recieves this will be annoying everyone all christmas day!

These are such a cute idea, to jazz up your keyboard with some silly little pictures! Perfect for anyone who works in an office or is just surgically attached to their laptop!

This Pass case is a really cute little stocking filler, the print is lovely and it's perfect for anyone who needs somewhere to put their oyster card/ gym pass/ work, uni/ college or school pass.. ect

Everyone needs lipbalm, (even boys, though my boyfriend will deny that he has his own coacoa butter one) and this set is really nicely packaged, the perfect little stocking filler :)

Chocolate is a necessity at Christmas (so you can gorge yourself on it and then set lots of unrealistic weight loss goals for your new years resolution!) and these are a bit different and fun and also inexpensive!

So that's all my stocking filler ideas! Hope you enjoyed, if you want to see my Gift Guide for Girlie friends click here or you can find my Gift Guide for Boy pals here!

Thanks to Jo for letting me post on her lovely blog :)

Happy Christmas!

Georgia x

And there we have it, my first Christmas-related blog post so thank you very much for writing this for me Georgia! I really love the random gift ideas like the keyboard stickers, I think they're a great idea for people who are really hard to buy for (I'm talking to you, Dad!).
Make sure you check out Georgia's blog and all her other gift ideas over on Georgiabeee
Jo xx


  1. This was a cute post to do and I love the topshop duo ! :)
    It would be great to follow each other xx

    Happy xmas


  2. The Topshop lip balms look lovely!

    1. Definitely considering treating myself! xx


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