28 December 2012

Small Haul | Boxing Day Sales

Mega quickie from me today seeing as I have a few minutes to spare before I start getting ready for a 21st tonight!
First off, hope you've all had as much of a lovely Christmas as I have. My auntie, uncle and cousins managed to visit us on Christmas day which was lovely, as they never get chance living a few hours drive away. It was lovely to see them on the actual day; we have such a small family that it is usually just 6 of us having Christmas together so it was nice having a slightly busier and noisier day!
So we had lots of wine, food and laughs playing our very 'artistic' game of Pictionary!
Anyway, seeing as all the good stuff in the sales usually disappears within the first day or two, I though I would nip into town on Boxing day to see what I could pick up...
...and boy was it busy.
I am so glad I went first thing in the morning, otherwise I doubt I'd have been able to move very far! It. Was. Heaving.
Anyway I only picked up a couple of things but I am quite glad I went in the end.

Jumper | River Island | £22 £10
Shirt | New Look | £22 £8

I know it's a lame haul but by the time it got to midday we'd had enough and were ready to scream!
The shirt is gorgeous it is just very sheer so needs a top underneath and a good iron! But other than that I love it, especially the dipped hem at the back, it will be really easy to dress up or down.

What do you think of my buys?
If you've done a sale haul post please link it in the comments below, I'd love to have a nosey!

Hope you all have an amazing New Year!
Jo xx


  1. The New Look shirt is gorgeous! I managed to pick up a few bargains in the sales too :)



  2. Love the shirt it is such a great colour x

  3. Love the jumper!

    Georgia x

  4. Like the shirt very much, that green looks good.

    Found your blog on the #bbloggers blog hop

    xo, Vita

    1. Thank you! Thanks for following :) xx

  5. I love that jumper and the collar detail on the shirt!

    Found you via the bbloggers hop x


    1. The studs are lovely! Thanks for having a nosy :) xx

  6. Ooo you got some lovely things! I love the shirt, definitely worth the quick look :D I bought a few bits and bobs, but found that most places didn't have big discounts, which was a bit disappointing. Going to post about them in the New Year when I get chance :D


    1. I'm looking forward to having a nosy at what you got! :) xx

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog :)
    I'll look into using the Good Things products.
    I love that jumper.


    1. Yes have a little nosy on the website they are fab :) Thank you! xx

  8. I thought the sales were ok this year- not amazing! I did most of my sale shopping online- learnt from last year's crazy crowds! Love your top and jumper though- good going!
    Rosy x

    1. Yep I think next year I will be doing my shopping online too! Thanks! xx


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