18 May 2013

Laura Geller Color Drenched Lipgloss | Cafe Au Lait

As you may or may not know by now, I am a big lipgloss fan, just because it is so damned easy to wear. One of my most recent additions to my collection, again courtesy of my fabulous auntie, is this Laura Geller Color Drenched Lipgloss in Café Au Lait.
The packaging is really nice, chunky and simple. I tend to prefer chunkier packaging as I just think it makes the product look and feel that little bit more expensive.
As you can see from the swatch, café au lait is literally the most perfect nude shade. I can imagine it being one of those shades that would suit more or less any skin tone, and it is so strongly pigmented; more so than any other lipgloss I have come across. The consistency is nice and thick which I love, and it doesn't feel at all sticky.
It lasts a good couple of hours before fading evenly, whilst actually helping to conceal any dry or cracked patches on your lips rather than clinging to them.
It also smells amazing; like a mixture between chocolate and coffee. Some of you may be thinking 'eurgh, how vile for a lip product' but it's not a sickly or overly sweet smell at all. It's just a pleasant change from any normal lipglosses.

 Overall I have to say I am seriously impressed with this lipgloss. The pigmentation and beautifully thick consistency makes it feel like a really luxurious product.
The only potential downside might be the price. Although if you're a fellow lipgloss lover, in my opinion it's worth it.
Laura Geller Color Drenched Lipgloss can be purchased here from QVC for £16.
Are you a lipgloss fan?
Would you be willing to pay as much as £16 for a lipgloss?
Jo xx


  1. This is such a beautiful colour! If this came in lipstick form I'd be seriously lusting after it, but I'm not a massive lipgloss fan!

    Mollie xo

    1. I agree, I think the colour is perfect! Everyone is so much braver than me with their lipstick obsessions haha! xx

  2. This is lovely! And yes I would and have, if its good quality and there isn't a cheaper and just as good alternative - then in my mind its totally justifiable.

    The colour of this is really lovely and suits your skin tone really well :) xx


    1. That's reassuring to hear; I'm not sure why I feel so bad owning a lipgloss that has such a high price tag! Thank you so much :) xx

  3. This is beaaauuutiful! Sometimes its hard to find nice gloss colours which have no glitter in them! lovely! xx

    1. Yeah, a lot of the shimmers don't always look quite right on me either so it's lovely to have found such a perfect all-rounder! :) xx

  4. Lovee that colour!
    New follower


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