07 May 2013

Andrea Fulerton Flip Flop French Nail Varnish Duos

So here we have another post regarding the Andrea Fulerton Nail Salon Kit Box I received as a gift! My previous posts can be found here (contents of the box) and here (Mock Croc nail varnish reviews).
Today I am going to be showing you the Andrea Fulerton Flip Flop French Duos. The box contained the shades Millie (orange plus a lilac/pink shimmer), Ruby (red plus a pink shimmer), Lianna (grey/blue glitter plus an ice blue shimmer), and Sadie (luminous green plus a dull green shimmer).
(L-R): Millie, Ruby, Sadie and Lianna.
Each nail varnish duo also comes with guidance stickers (pictured above the nail varnishes) so you don't end up with wobbly tips. I didn't actually use these (too lazy, oops), but next time I definitely will as my tips were slightly wobbly.
Anyhow, the idea of these nail varnishes is to use the bold colours (bottom row of the duos pictured above) to draw french tips onto your nails, wait for this to dry and then paint the shimmer layer over the top, using them like a french manicure.
Image on left: (l-r) Ruby, Sadie, Millie and Lianna
Image on right: Lianna, Millie, Sadie and Ruby
The image on the left shows the duos worn as is suggested.
However I have to admit I wasn't overly happy with how these looked. I love bold colours on my nails, so anything sheer or subtle (other than a traditional french manicure) I can never seem to really get on with.
I also felt that the tint of the shimmer seemed to highlight any slight imperfections and stains I had on my nails; you really do have to have your nails in tip top condition to  get away with this look.
Not one to give up easily, I decided to try the duos again; this time painting the bold shades across the whole of my nail, and repeating the shimmer top coat as before.
Personally, I thought this looked much nicer and it is something I could see myself wearing again. The only shade I'm not particularly fond of it Sadie, the luminous green colour.
It's quite an awkward one and I don't really think it matches my skin tone too well! I particularly like Lianna, although in hindsight for this blue I'd definitely do at least two darker base coats before applying the shimmer top coat, as it was still quite sheer with just the one base colour.
All in all, the duos are a nice change and different to any of the other polishes I own.
I know there will be split opinions on these shimmers so I'd love to know your thoughts!
The Andrea Fulerton Flip Flop French nail varnish duos can be purchased here from Superdrug, where they are currently reduced from £7.99 to £5.99.
What do you think?
Jo xx


  1. I've never heard of these before. They look like a lot of fun! xx

    1. They're a great idea, just odd colour combinations for a French manicure! xx

  2. great colours

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    Inspirations Have I None

  3. I've never seent hese before! I ahven't popped in Superdrug for a while but i'll be sure to now to check these out :) x

    1. I'd never even heard of Andrea Fulerton before getting this set :) Xx

  4. Nice shades, although not for me x


    1. They are quite garish and unusual aren't they, but I don't mind them too much! xx

  5. I've never heard of these before! Thanks for sharing them with the blogosphere! It's refreshing to see a more original review on a less hyped product! Sometimes reviews get a bit same old, same old!

    Also, can I just say thanks for voting for me in the Urban Outfitters post! I really appreciate it! It means a lot! xx

    1. Thank you, that's really nice to hear! :) No problem, great outfit! xx


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