26 May 2013

A Healthier Me

First off, I hope you're all having an amazing bank holiday weekend; the weather here in the UK has been gorgeous so I hope you've been making the most of it, as I don't think it will be around for much longer !
It is actually the effects of this stunning weather that has inspired this blog post. For someone who doesn't burn easily in the sun, I did pretty darn well for myself yesterday. Having spent the day pottering around the garden and doing jobs outside, I obviously hadn't realised how strong the sun was until I got in in the evening.
My nose, shoulders, chest, arms and legs are now bright red. And I mean bright red. I look like Rudolf gone wrong.
Now, I actually felt really bad once I realised how much I had actually burnt, and this got me thinking about how little I actually do to take care of my body.
So I set about compiling a list of simple changes that I will be making from now on in an attempt to keep my body healthy.
1. Look after my skin
After that little introduction, let's start with the obvious; protection from the sun. I'm pretty annoyed at myself for not applying sun cream as it's such a ridiculously bad habit to get into, so from now on I vow to wear sun cream whenever I spend time outside in warm weather.
Although I religiously follow a facial cleansing and moisturising regime, my body gets extremely neglected. I am way too lax when it comes to moisturising my body, and so starting tonight I am also going to be moisturising my body every night before bed.
2. Drink more water
I've always drank far too little and when I do drink, more often than not it is tea (or vodka... nah just kidding. Kinda). I am going to start carrying a bottle of water around in my bag and have a glass with me as much as is possible when I'm at home.
3. Snack healthily
I eat very healthy and well balanced meals, but these are seriously let down by my very unhealthy snacking habits. Crisps are my absolute weakness, and up until a couple of weeks ago all I would snack on was crisps, chocolate and sweets; nothing else.
 Two weeks ago, I cut out the bad snacks and started to munch on fruit instead. Already I have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels and in particular on my skin, which is so much clearer and less dull.
I now have an unhealthy obsession with tangerines. Why did I not snack on these before?!
4. Start running
Now I'm afraid to say I absolutely despise running. I personally find it very tedious and because I get tired out so quickly, I give up with it. However, I have downloaded the NHS Couch to 5k app and intend to try and get into running properly.
I even bought some pretty pink trainers to motivate myself.
Trainers | Windsor's | £16
So these are my 'get healthy' aims this summer. I'm not aiming to lose weight, but I would like to tone up a little and feel physically fitter.
I'm keeping my aims simple, not too far fetched and easy to achieve, and hopefully I will see some results!
Do you have any tips for a healthier body?
Are you on a health kick this summer?
Jo xx


  1. Good luck! I've just finished uni for the summer and my healthy summer starts tomorrow, hopefully with an early morning run :) I love your trainers! Going to give the app a try too, any motivation is good motivation hehe x

    1. Thank you! Yeah I'm the same, having no uni means I have absolutely no excuse not to act! xx

  2. Good luck with your healthy summer Jo! Loving the pink trainers, they're a fantastic motivation :D

    Mollie xo

    1. Thank you Mollie! Gorgeous colour aren't they! :) xx

  3. All the best love. Actually I have also put on some weight and I am really inspired by this post :)

    I have an international clothing giveaway on my blog(last day).
    Hope you participate!


    1. Thank you! That's nice to hear :) I'll pop by and take a look! xx

  4. I'm exactly the same. I always say to myself 'i'm olive skinned, i don't burn. i just tan' it's not always the case! I came in the other day bright red! I totally need to take advice from this post haha!

    Hello from a new follower!:-)
    -Zofia xo

    1. Me too! Haha I hope it helps in some way! Thank you so much for following :) xx

  5. i want to too one week im good the other i dont care working on it goodluck on your journey to healthy


    1. It's hard work to get motivated isn't it! Good luck to you too! Xx


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