26 March 2013

Ojon Restorative Leave-in Treatment for Brunettes

I've never had much of a problem at all with the condition of my hair. Having never coloured it before (I'm just not brave enough!) it's never really been in too bad a condition.
Because of this, it's never had the love and attention it so rightfully deserves (sob). It gets washed and conditioned but that's about as far as it goes, so I thought it was about time it got a bit of a treat!
Cue Ojon's Restorative Leave-in Treatment for brunettes.
This product claims to "add shine and hydration to brown hair", which is just what I was after. The idea is to apply this evenly throughout damp hair before either blow-drying or leaving it to dry.
As I usually leave my hair to dry overnight I decided to stick to that same routine.
The consistency of the product seems pretty damn spot on; not too runny and not too thick, and I found it really easy to spread evenly throughout my thick hair. I even applied it through my roots (brave in hindsight!), so I was delighted (and pretty relieved) to find my roots were not left at all greasy by the morning.

I was also happy to see it was deep brown and shimmery in colour; I'm not sure why this is, but I just tend to trust hair products that little bit more if they match my hair colour...please tell me I'm not the only one?

Although my hair felt quite a bit softer once dry, I have actually seen a much bigger difference in the results after washing my hair a second time as normal without reapplying the treatment. The packaging doesn't mention a second wash being necessary, but I would recommend it as my hair felt so lovely and soft and actually looked a hell of a lot healthier and more hydrated afterwards. It felt a lot sleeker and was much more manageable, with a lot less crazy and uncooperative flyaways and a noticeable shine, even though I hadn't noticed a lack of shine beforehand.
It's actually kind of made me realise the need to thoroughly condition even 'healthy' hair!
Although I am delighted with the results I was left wondering whether the same result could have been achieved with a much cheaper product...the price tag really is pretty hefty to be quite honest.

Has anyone reviewed any similar, much cheaper leave-in hair treatments?
I purchased my Ojon Restorative Leave-in Treatment for brunettes at a reduced price from QVC where it is no longer available.
Ojon restorative treatments can be purchased from Boots here from £16 for 50ml.

Have you tried any Ojon products before?
What did you think?

Jo xx


  1. I didn't know Ojon did this product, i'll have to look into it, although it may have been better when I didn't have ombre.
    I love Ojon but the pice tag is always what puts me off :/.

    Sally x

    1. I can imagine it being amazing on damaged hair, but yes I agree Ojon's price tags are hefty! xx


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