17 March 2013

Farewell Google Reader...

So I'm sure you all know the deal with Google Reader by now. It's really annoying to say the least and I'm not a big fan of change, boo hoo.
Anyway the last thing I want to do is lose any of my lovely followers! So this is just a quick post to remind you of all the other ways you can follow me...
Now, as I'm a little bit thick, I can't actually find all of the links for these following methods (there's most probably a very simple way to find said links, but I haven't a clue).
So please be a little gem and take a peek on my sidebar to the right. You'll find a few buttons where you can follow me on either Bloglovin', Google +, GFC, Hello Cotton or Twitter.
I do suggest following me by another method if you're a GFC follower, just in case that goes walkies at the same time as Google Reader!
Thank you!
Much love,
Jo xx

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