16 September 2012

...So Who Am I?!

Hi there!

Well, this is a bit scary! Here I am writing my first blog post...I guess I'd better use it as a brief introduction as to who I actually am!

My name's Joanne. I'm a twenteen year old girl (I have only just turned twenty and am still struggling to come to terms with this...so we'll stick with twenteen for now) just about to start my third year at university. I live in the England with my parents and my beloved pets, Louis and Dennis, and I play a lot of badminton in my spare time.

Now I'm going to be completely honest with you here...I do not have a clue what I am doing. Blogger is like a foreign language to me and I am rubbish with technology so my blog may take a while to fully develop.

Any tips anyone could give me about starting up would be greatly appreciated!

I have recently been an avid reader of fashion and beauty blogs, and have toyed with the idea of making my own for while now. Therefore the plan was for my blog to be a mainly fashion and beauty based blog, with additional lifestyle posts and maybe some DIY posts, however this plan may change over time and with trial and error I'm sure I will eventually find my blogging niche.

Again, with just starting my final year at university I'm not sure how often I will be able to fit blogging into my schedule (probably wasn't the best of times to make a blog but hey ho...) so this will be another trial and error kinda thing.

So, that's enough waffling, if I've not put you off already I guess I'll see you in my next post!

I shall leave you with a picture of Dennis in the mean time :) (I apologise about the awful quality, it's an old 'un!)

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