30 August 2013

Collective Haul | ASOS, Primark, Steals and Charity Shops

So after throwing my 21st birthday party, I was left with a lot of money which has been burning a hole in my pocket. This means I've been doing quite a bit of shopping recently, but the majority of stuff I've bought have been absolute bargains which means I've not actually spent much of it at all... 

...so I went mad and booked a last minute holiday to Alicante with the bestie.

We're going on Monday and I am too excited for words. We've been talking about going on holiday for a good while now, but just never had the time to look or could never find a good enough deal. 
But we finally did it! 
Cue last minute panics about...well, everything. 

Anyhow, onto the haul!

Chain necklace | asos | £8 £4
T-shirt | Mango via asos | £19.99 £11
Jeggings | Pieces via asos | £22 £8

The asos sale is always worth a look as soon as any new items are added, as all the goodies disappear far too quickly. The necklace is sadly now sold out but I absolutely adore it; it was a bargain at just £4. 
The t-shirt is also really cute. It's boxy in shape, which I've never really taken a second glance at before as I never thought it would suit me, but it does! I didn't actually notice the little diamante anchor in the middle but it's not too obvious so I don't mind it. 

The jeggings just look like jeans, but are ridiculously comfy because they're so stretchy. I bought them in a size S/M, which is the perfect fit for a size 8/10. 

I actually tweeted @ASOS_HeretoHelp to ask which size I should order, as the whole S/M thing in something like jeans really puts me off buying them; if they weren't so cheap I wouldn't have bothered risking it.
It is such a fantastic Twitter account; any issues or queries regarding an ASOS order and they're on it within minutes. Customer service at it's absolute best!

Bag | Steals | £6
Cami top | Steals | £2
Shirt | Steals | £8

Steals is a store that stocks items from brands such as Topshop, Miss Selfridge and BooHoo which have been either returned or worn on the catwalk and cannot be resold. This means that you can get current season, high street stuff for ridiculously low prices. 
The shop labels are always cut out so if you recognise where any of these three items are from originally, I'd love to know! I have a feeling the bag and camisole might originally be Topshop pieces (it's not actually a great picture of the cami; it looks so much better on). 
The bag is huge and it feels so soft! Bargain.

Dress | Charity Shop | £5.99
Shorts | F&F via Charity Shop | £1.50
Jumper | H&M via Charity Shop | £3.50

As always, I couldn't resist a cheeky trip to the charity shops.
This dress, although I'm unsure as to where it was originally from, is the perfect fit and I love the cut out side detail. 
I've been looking for some cute shorts to wear to bed and for £1.50, I couldn't resist these cute floral ones. I was totally drawn to the jumper purely because of the colour. It's such a gorgeous bright blue, and I don't actually own a jumper with a v-neck; it makes quite a nice change to my standard round-neck jumpers.

 Monochrome cami | Primark | £5

As you can probably tell, I love these camisole tops just because they are so darned easy to wear. I couldn't resist this one; the Primark one's are just as good as the Topshop version, at less than a third of the price too!

 Travel bottle set | Primark | £1
Bikini bottoms | Primark | £3 £1

Seeing as I'm only taking hand luggage to Alicante, I needed to buy some travel bottles. I am ridiculously worked up about what I'm going to prioritise to take with me (sad I know). I'm actually thinking I might have to leave my foundation behind.

The thought of that makes me feel physically sick.

As expected, when we went bikini shopping yesterday we discovered that nowhere is stocking swimwear any more, and it's too late to risk ordering anything online. So i ended up just buying some bikini bottoms in the Primark sale which I can match with the black bikini top I already have.

So that's everything I've been buying recently! 
With the rest of my birthday money I'm seriously contemplating buying a tablet, but I'm a bit of a technological Dumbo and already having a laptop, I'm so unsure as to whether or not it would be worth the money.

What are people's opinions on tablets? Are they worth it?

What do you think of my haul?

Jo xx


  1. Lovely haul! Now checking out that bargains website!

    I have an iPad Mini and love it, I use it all the time! As well as my laptop! xx

    1. Thank you! I'm so tempted, but at the same time I don't want to stop using my laptop! xx

  2. I am drooling over this haul. It's a bummer that necklace is sold out. It's so cute!

    I use my iPad on a regular basis for various things, but I find that I typically use it for games and social networking. I have a gaming addiction, lol.

    1. Aww thank you! See I have a social networking addiction haha, so maybe I should just go for it!! xx

  3. Absolutely love everything you've bought!
    Never heard of Steals before but imma go check them out now ;)

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

    1. Thank you! They're definitely worth checking out!! xx

  4. Awesome haul! Love that bag and that Primark cami :-)


  5. I have the monochrome cami from Primark too, I can't stop wearing it! The charity shop finds were amazing, especially the dress!
    Spider Leg Lashes xo

    1. It's such a versatile cami, I love it! Thank you :) xx

  6. Aww thank you so much!! I'll pop by now and take a peek :) xx


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