11 February 2013

Quick and Simple Valentines Day Nail Art

I know myself that I am not the master of all nail art. Nor do I pretend to be.
My skills definitely leave something to be desired, but this doesn't stop me having a bit of a play every now and again (note extra emphasis on the 'bit').

As I didn't have much time on my hands to do this, I thought I'd do a quick and simple design for Valentine's Day for all you other nail art amateurs out there.

This image was taken a couple of days after painting my nails, hence the slightly chipped tips so I apologise for that

I used an OPI mini as the base colour, which is a gorgeous pink/red with an unusual orange sheen to it. It's a really firey colour which can only really be seen to its full potential in the daylight.
I then grabbed my black polish (I'm sorry but I don't even know what brand it is as it's worn off the bottle, but I do know I picked it up from Boots on the cheap years ago, and it's lasted me since!) and using my dotting tools, I drew three dots in a triangular shape and then joined them together to create the little hearts.

And voila, you have yourself some Valentines Day nails!

Have you done any Valentines Day nail art?
Please link me in the comments if you have, I'd love to see it!

Jo xx


  1. This is gorgeous! so cute but really simple :) I love the base colour you used, very passionate ;) x

  2. Love these nails, they're so pretty!
    I posted some Valentines nails today but they were just plain pink, nothing fancy but a gorgeous colour!

    http://www.danielleyc.com/ xx

  3. Lovely!

  4. I love this nailvarnish. It almost looks ombre effect the way that the light is hitting them. I need some more pearlescent colours in my life! Might have to go on the hunt for this one :) xxx

    1. It really is a lovely colour, I'm just sorry I can't remember the mini set it came from! xx

  5. beautiful ;))

    would you like to follow each other :))?

  6. I'm for sure going to try this!!!! Thanks for the idea!!! :D
    xox -N

  7. love the gradient effect! :D


  8. Wow!! You are so talented :) It looks amazing!
    I'm a new follower.
    I have a new outfit post up and I'd love to know what you think!
    Alona | http://stylewanders.blogspot.co.il/

  9. this is fab! love the shimmer in the polish :)

    p.s just stumbled across ur blog and i love it! ur posts, layout and design, everything! xx

    1. Aw thank you so much, what a lovely comment! :) xx

  10. Such a gorgeous nail look - the black hearts are so cute and I love me some OPI. Have just stumbled across your blog via the blog hop on bbloggers :) x

    1. Thank you, I only have a few OPI minis but I must invest in some more! Love the shades xx


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