17 February 2013

Nota Bene Skincare | Update

You may remember me writing a review a few weeks back on some Nota Bene skincare products I was sent to try out (you can find the review here if you fancy taking a peek).
You'll probably need to read said review to understand this little update.
I had no intentions of writing another blog post on them. That is until I returned back to my old skincare routine after finishing up with my 30ml pots (they actually lasted me six weeks, which I thought was fab considering the size of the bottles and £5 price tag)...
...within about 24 hours, the skin on my forehead had returned to its previous dry, itchy state.
I half expected the skin to come back but was surprised to find it return so quickly, so I repurchased and within 2 days of returning to Nota Bene my skin was lovely and smooth again.

Now I hope I'm not coming across as lecturing you on these products, but I just wanted to write this quick little post to point out to anyone that might be struggling with skin problems (and everyone else!) that Nota Bene might be worth a try.
I'm hooked!
The founder, Rebecca, is lovely and I'm sure she would be more than happy to give advice on what she thinks would be best for your skin.
I'm not one to repurchase products when I have multiple back ups floating around my room (three of each product to be precise!), but for these I'll definitely make an exception.
Although to some people the Nota Bene prices may seem a little steep, this is due to their use of organic ingredients and lack of nasty chemicals. So surely that's justified, right?!

I'd definitely recommend giving them a whirl, and I'd love to see the products get the appreciation they deserve! 
Don't forget, you can add a free 6ml moisturiser to your order.
You can also get a free 30ml cleanser worth £5 with your order by using the code 'CLEANSER' at the checkout.
Let me know if you give them a whirl!
Jo xx

*Please note, this post was in no way sponsored by Nota Bene: I just felt it needed to be published!*


  1. Cool! I wonder if they sell this anywhere in Canada?! I'm trying the Lancome set right now and I'm not entirely happy. Looking for something new to try!

    1. As far as I know unfortunately these are only posted to UK addresses, but you could always tweet them at @NotaBeneTweets and ask! :) xx


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