25 October 2012

Come Dine With Me | Iced Lemon Mousse

 So here we have it, the third and final installment of my Come Dine With Me menu!
Following on from my prawn bruschettas (here) and lamb tagine (here), I made iced lemon mousses for the dessert.
Now this has to be the easiest thing you could possibly make for dessert...it was literally so simple, and went down an absolute treat! Really can't go wrong!
  • 300g jar lemon curd
  • Zest 1 lemon
  • 300ml pot double cream
  • 25g lemon shortbreads or biscuits
(Serves 6)
1. Put 2/3s of the lemon curd into a large bowl with the zest and cream and beat until it holds its shape
2. Dribble over the rest of the lemon curd and divide between 6 small pots/glasses, marbling the curd as you go
3. Freeze for 30-40 minutes
4. Top with crumbs and serve
This was taken before I realised I forgot the biscuit crumbs...oops
How easy is that!?
The full recipe can be found on the Good Food website here

What are some of your favourite desserts to make?
Do you have any good recipes?
Do you enjoy reading recipe posts?

Dennis looking all handsome for the evening!
 Thanks for reading,
Jo xo


  1. I love your recipes. I'm actually exited to do my food shopping on Monday.


    1. Aww that's so lovely to hear!! Let me know what you think once you've tried them :) xo

  2. How awesome would a blogger come dine with me be! Rubbish if no one lives in your town though!



    1. That is such an amazing idea! Haha yeah true though it wouldn't be quite as fun with just you and one other person if you're a bit secluded..! xo


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