14 November 2013

eBay | Scottish Tartan Scarf

During the winter, I have always admired the tartan trend but this year it seems to have made a full-force comeback and I am loving it!

A good few months back I spotted that red tartan scarf in Primark and stupidly didn't pick it up. After heading back to my local store for it and to my horror finding it wasn't there, I turned to eBay in search of an alternative. That's when I stumbled across this little beauty. 

Tartan scarf | £9.99 + £2.50 p&p | here

The scarf is made by a Scottish brand called Berrydale. It's the perfect shade of red; not too bright, not too deep, and is 100% lambswool, so it's pretty cosy and is good quality. Admittedly I did expect it to be a little little wider, but it's nice and long and all in all it's pretty much perfect. I love it!

How have you been working the tartan trend so far this year? 

Jo xx


  1. ok.. this is so weird but I have the exactly same scarf, AND did an individual blog post on it (which I kept as a draft to post if I haven't got a post planned)
    I totally agree with your review.. it looks so nice when I wear my leather jacket xx


    1. That is pretty weird!! It is a damn good scarf though so I'm not surprised, I love it with my leather jacket too! :) xx

  2. i havent been working this trend this year, i looove the scarf though!

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  3. Loved the scarf so much, I've ordered one for myself! I'm really into tartan this year, and this scarf looks perfect!
    jess | www.wildflowerlondon.co.uk | @whatjessiedid

    1. You will not regret it, it's gorgeous! :) I'm loving it this year too! xx


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