04 January 2013

Guest Post | Current Skin Favourites

Today we have my latest guest post from the gorgeous Katie at Katie Lew La! Enjoy!
Hello people :)
Today is my first ever guest post on the lovely Jo's blog & it will be a few of my current skincare favourites...
The Anti-Aging cream is making an appearance again :)
Garnier Ultra Lift- I originally bought this to combat uneven skin tone and basically it is doing exactly that!! An added bonus is that its very hydrating. Cant say I'm looking younger but then I am only 22 hehe can't expect miracles..... yet!
I've been using the Botanics refreshing eye roll-on for a couple of months now. At first I was applying it in a morning before make-up, however this really wasn't working for me. It left my concealer creased and collected mascara (sad times), it took me a while to realise what was causing it. Since then I've been applying it at night and I much prefer using it that way. When I first apply it I must say it makes my dark circles appear noticeably worse but the morning after there's quite an improvement.
The panoxyl gel is a little saviour. Whenever I feel a pesky spot coming to ruin my day I just pop a little bit of this on (either overnight or under make-up) and it does the best job at fighting them off. However it is drying so I wouldn't advise using this too often.
I've never used the benefit porefessional primer but I've heard others compare the body shop tea tree pore minimiser to it. It is pretty wonderful in my opinion. I apply this under by foundation/BB and it keeps my skin shine free for much longer.
Avene Cleanance K- This is something that I struggled to find reviews on when I received a sample from Avene. Its not a well known product but I'm enjoying using it. Its a AHA/BHA cream exfoliator for oily/blemish prone skin. I apply this before my make-up in a morning to fight oiliness and blemishes. It really does tingle when you apply it which makes me feel it's working.
The Body Shop Seaweed clarifying toner- I've never really used toners in the past as I don't feel they do much (anyone else agree?) but one thing I like about this is that it keeps my skin less oily throughout the day.
Garnier Pure 3in1- This is a product that comes with lots of hype among bloggers. Does it live up to it? Yes I think it does. It has definitely been helping to clear my bad breakouts, it's quite drying so I use it at night followed by a thirst quenching moisturiser :)
Have you tried any of these products?
Let me know what you think.
Hope you enjoy
Thanks again for this post Katie I found it really interesting! I seem to be really lax with my skincare routine (I know I know, don't lecture me please!), but there are a few products in this post that I'm actually really interested in trying out, namely the Botanics eye roll-on, the Panoxyl gel and the Garnier Pure 3 in 1!
Has Katie increased the size of your wish list too?
Make sure you head over and check out her lovely blog, Katie Lew La!
Jo xx


  1. This is what I love about katie's posts. She doesn't just repeat what lots of other bbloggers have recommended, she's always got a little something that makes you double take and have a look at when your next in boots etc. X

    1. Her blog's lovely isn't it :) xx

    2. Aaaaww vicki you lovely lovely lady :) hehehe xx

  2. Congrats on your Leibster Award from Holly @ http://impatience-is-a-virtue.blogspot.co.uk/

    New follower =)(following as Jessica Knox)



  3. I love the sound of the tea tree body shop range, I've wanted to try it for ages xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

    1. Sounds so refreshing doesn't it, stupid as that sounds! xx

  4. Great post! :) xx


  5. Such a great read!!

    I also use the Garnier Ultra Lift to conquer my uneven skin tone and I'm only 19!!
    Plus the Tea Tree range from the body shop is a god-send!!


    1. I've been really umming and ahhing over where to try out the Garnier! xx

  6. I always use toner! Even if I don't have time to completely wash my face in the morning or am too tired to do it at night, I wipe my face down with toner and it helps my skin to feel refreshed and clean.

    1. I'm guilty of using a facewipe or two when I'm too tired, how awful is that!! xx


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